Last weeks update

  • New Email providers: GMAIL, MICROSOFT, IMAP
  • New IM providers: TELEGRAM / TWITTER
  • General:
    • New webhook to receive Read/reaction/event notifications
    • Filter UNREAD on chat list
  • LinkedIn:
    • Enrich with full profile information on get profile for classic accounts
    • Receive and reply to Company Inbox messages
    • Get company profiles
    • Get sent pending invitations
    • Get user relations
    • Remove pending invitations
    • New parameter to notify or not the user when you visit their profile
    • Like a post
    • Endpoint to READ/UNREAD conversation
    • More information on account on /me route
    • Add possibility to set li_a
    • Add possibility to use CNAME in hosted auth URL
    • CAPTCHA solving by end-user if automatic solving fails
    • New status on account list
    • New settings for email
    • Add connection by cookie for LinkedIn
    • Add route for email part
    • Add new route for LinkedIn

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