Account status updates

Learn how to handle account status.

Feature available for : LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram, X (Twitter), Google, Microsoft, IMAP

Unipile's Account Status Webhook is a powerful feature that allows you to monitor the life cycle of an account's status and take actions based on changes in the status. This Webhook provides real-time updates on the synchronisation status of your accounts, and on the connection creation.

Synchronization status

Here is an example payload for a synchronization request:

  "AccountStatus": {  
    "account_id": "h_EKCy2lRLef5NzHp0iw4A",  
    "account_type": "LINKEDIN",  
    "message": "CREDENTIALS"  

Here is the different Synchronization status that can be notified by the Webhook.

OKEverything seems to be in good order.
STOPPEDAccount synchronization has been paused, that can occur with Sandbox account limitation.
ERRORAccount synchronization has stopped due to an unexpected error during data fetching.
CREDENTIALSSynchronization of accounts has been interrupted due to invalid or missing credentials required for retrieving new data. This situation may arise in several scenarios, including, but not limited to:
IMAP: User updates their provider's password.
Email (Google/Microsoft) : User revokes your application's authorization from their account center
- Users terminating the session via the app settings
- Excessive requests to sensitive endpoints (such as fetching profiles or sending message without good answer rate or high report by user)
- New account can't send without warmup
- New account without warmup
- The session expiration after one year
- Users terminating the session via the preference settings
- Excessive requests to sensitive endpoints (such as fetching profiles or sending invitations, check this page to view recommendations).
- Too many request with with reject code (invalid_attendee, insufficient_credit..) (you need to handle error code and stop/adapt sequence)
- Users may be prompted to select a session (Only with Recruiter account connected with "Credentials, use "Cookies" method to bypass)
- When connected with "Cookies" : User logs out in their browser (for example to switch account).
- When connected with "Cookies" and mainly "Custom Auth": Providing an incorrect user agent
CONNECTINGThe account is attempting to connect. If your credentials are correct, it may be because the provider is temporarily down, your proxy or a synchronization catch-up.
DELETEDYou deleted the account

When the account status is not OK:

  • You can still retrieve any data (chats, messages...) using GET Methods, but this data is no more guaranteed to be up to date with the messaging provider.
  • You will not receive anymore updates on new messages through Webhooks.

Account creation or reconnect status

Here is the different connection creation or reconnect status that can be notified by the Webhook and/or "notify_url" in hosted auth (not with same format).

CREATION_SUCCESSThe account was successfully added and the initial data synchronization has begun.
RECONNECTEDAccount has been reconnected with success