Provider Limits and Restrictions

Our platform offers APIs to connect with various providers, facilitating seamless integration for developers. However, it's crucial to understand and manage the limits and restrictions imposed by each provider to ensure smooth operation of your applications. Below are the limitations and guidelines for interacting with different providers:


Connection Requests (Invitations): A paid and active LinkedIn connected account can send between 80 and 100 invitations per day and approximately 200 per week (300 characters) without being rejected by LinkedIn. For a free account with some history, it's about 15 invitations per week (200 characters) or 150 without a note. For new or inactive accounts, begin with low quantities and gradually increase. Some accounts with fewer than ~150 connections can't send many invitations, and some invitations might not be delivered.

/!\ Retrieve a User Profile (Profile Visits): Exercise caution when implementing this action. Exceeding these values can disconnect your account. For new or inactive accounts, start with low quantities and gradually increase.

Free and Premium account: between 80 and 100 profiles per account per day

Sales Navigator account: 80 profiles using the classic API or 150 profiles by utilizing the Sales Navigator API (it's simply a parameter to switch in our profile retrieval request) per account per day.

Retrieve Posts: Between 80 and 100 per account per day.

Message Sending: Between 100 and 150 per account per day.

Profile Follows: Between 80 and 100 per account per day.

Search Results: To retrieve a list of search results we advise handling a maximum of 1000 profiles per day (or 2500 for a Sales Navigator account).

Contacts List: You can retrieve them in batches of 500, with a limit on the number of calls per hour, for example, a maximum of 4 calls per hour, depending on the account. This may result in disconnection for some accounts.

Chats Retrieving:We manage Messaging inbox sync from our server side, ensuring seamless synchronization of chat lists and messages, thereby enabling our users to access and fetch their data without limitations (routes Messages, Chats & Attendees).

Users should note that these limits are independent of each other and do not accumulate. Exceeding these quotas will prompt an error from our API, ensuring immediate notification or LinkedIn can disconnect your account. To emulate human behavior and avoid warnings, space out actions randomly with intervals of at least 1 minute , distributed across multiple launches during working hours.


Connect Accounts with Old Activity: Avoid using brand new accounts exclusively for software purposes. Instead, utilize WhatsApp accounts with historical activity from real users to prevent account to be suspended. If you use fresh account they can be blocked after 2-3 new chat, they need to be warmup during days with one or two chats.

Engage Users in Discussion: Design messages to initiate interaction and encourage replies. The first message should prompt a response to maintain active conversations.

Respect Delay Between Messages: Incorporate realistic delays between messages to mimic human behavior. Avoid sending messages with intervals shorter than 10-20 seconds to align with natural conversation patterns.

Number of new chat creations (outreach): This is a metric monitored by WhatsApp. If you initiate too many new chats without receiving responses or if there are a high number of signals of spam/block, it may temporarily restrict your account.

By adhering to these guidelines, developers can optimize their software's WhatsApp integration and potentially send several hundred messages per day per WhatsApp account without violating policies.


Account Requirement: Only connect old accounts with months of history to our APIs. Freshly created accounts will be blocked.


Maximum sending between 10 and 50 requests per day is recommended. It's essential to exclusively send requests to individuals with more than 10 mutual connections to uphold account security. While there is no set limit on friend requests or direct messages (DMs) sent, it's advised not to surpass 50 per day. Following the training guidelines, it's best to start with 15 DMs daily and incrementally increase by 5 each week until reaching the maximum of 50 DMs per day.


Differences Between Gmail Accounts and Google Workspace: Gmail accounts can send up to 500 emails per day, while Google Workspace accounts can send up to 2000 per day officially.

Recommended Sending Limits: To avoid being flagged or blocked, limit Gmail sending to 50 to 100 emails per day and Workspace sending to 100 to 150. Depending on sending quality, replies, and bounce rate, these limits may be increased up to 150 for Gmail and 300 for Workspace. For new accounts, start with 20 to 50 emails per day and gradually increase.


The limits for Microsoft 365 subscribers are:

  • Daily recipients: 5,000

  • Maximum recipients per message: 500

  • Daily non-relationship recipients: 1,000

Limits may vary based on usage history and will be lower for non-subscribers. A “non-relationship recipient” is someone you've never sent email to before. The sending limits of any third party connected accounts depend upon the service provider.

Email IMAP

The limitations may vary depending on your email provider. Please refer to your users provider's documentation or inquire with them directly for specific details.