Retrieving users

Feature available for : Linkedin, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram

Get an Attendee

Once you have chat and messages, you might want to match them with Users. Use the GET /chat_attendees/{id} or GET /chat_attendees API Methods or the appropriate SDK Methods.

Get a User with a public identifier

You can retrieve a user profile, including its Provider Internal ID providing the Provider Public ID by using the GET /users/{provider_public_id} API Method or the appropriate SDK Method.

This can be useful to start new chats with unknown users.


If the user is unknown, this method does not sync the user into Unipile. It's a just a proxy to the provider. This means he will not appear in attendees lists unless you start a new chat with him.

Get a public identifier from an Attendee

For now, public identifiers are not present in Attendees, so you can use the GET /users/{provider_id} Method or the appropriate SDK Method to find it by passing the Provider Internal ID found in Attendees and Messages


Be careful how you implement action GET /users/{provider_id/provider_public_id}

Please have a look on Provider limits and restrictions