New email

Get real-time updates on new messages using Unipile's Webhook.

Feature available for : Google, Microsoft, IMAP

Unipile's New messages Webhook is a powerful feature that provides real-time notification on new email, received or sent.

Sent messages are included because they can be sent by the connected user from another device.

Here is an example request payload:

  "object": "Mail",
  "id": "--R9___qXQKIu80oAF0lJA",
  "account_id": "GxwlUMaZTHefegva16XcWw",
  "event": "mail_received", // "mail_sent"
  "date": "2023-06-14T23:54:12.000Z",
  "from_attendee": {
    "display_name": "Julien Crépieux",
    "identifier": "[email protected]",
    "identifier_type": "EMAIL_ADDRESS"
  "to_attendees": [
      "display_name": "Arnaud Hartmann",
      "identifier": "[email protected]",
      "identifier_type": "EMAIL_ADDRESS"
  "bcc_attendees": [],
  "cc_attendees": [],
  "reply_to_attendees": [],
  "provider_id": "{\"message_id\":\"<[email protected]>\",\"uid\":\"AQMkADAwATM3ZmYAZS04YjYyLTkzMwA4LTAwAi0wMAoARgAAA6SPCWnzzEdJj0W3b32H3c8HAPXMsqSCUH9FpzZzxeMbKMQAAAIBDAAAAPXMsqSCUH9FpzZzxeMbKMQABHfkN3EAAAA=\"}",
  "message_id": "<[email protected]>",
  "has_attachments": false,
  "subject": "Hello",
  "body": "Hello World",
  "body_plain": "",
  "attachments": [],
  "folders": ["Inbox"],
  "role": "inbox",
  "read_date": null,
  "is_complete": false,
  "in_reply_to": {
    "message_id": "<[email protected]>",
    "id": "GxwlUMaZTHefegva16XcWw"
  "tracking_id": "Z-4Nx5bMR86b9NVCloU1gg",
  "origin": "unipile" // "external"