Microsoft OAuth

Microsoft OAuth Setup for Unipile

To connect Microsoft accounts to Unipile via OAuth authentication, you need to register your app in Azure Active Directory (AAD). You will then configure Unipile to use your AAD application ID. If you encounter any difficulties registering your application in Azure AD, contact-us, and we'll be happy to assist you!

Create Your Free Microsoft Azure Account

If you don't already have one, create your free Microsoft Azure account. You will use this account to create the Microsoft developer application used for authenticating end-users via OAuth with Unipile.

Creating an App Registration

  • Click on "New registration".
  • You will be presented with the following screen:
  1. Name your app (this name will be visible to customers).
  2. Set the audience for this app to the second option "Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Microsoft Entra ID - Multitenant) and personal Microsoft accounts (e. g. Skype, Xbox)" to be able to log in to any Office 365 account (business and personal).
  3. Specify a redirect URI:

Specifying API Permissions

Ensure your app has the correct API permissions:

  • Head to the "API permissions" panel and click "Add a permission".
  • Choose the Microsoft Graph set of permissions.
  • Then add all required Delegated permissions: Mail.ReadWrite, Mail.Send, Mail.Read

This is what your application permissions screen should look like.

Creating OAuth Credentials

  • Head to the "Certificates & secrets" panel and click "New client secret".
  • Name the secret and set an expiration date of "Never", then click "Add".
  • Copy the secret (column "Value") to a safe place. You won't be able to retrieve it from this page afterward!

Configure Unipile to Use Your Microsoft OAuth Credentials

Go to the Unipile Dashboard and log in.

Choose the Settings menu, and switch to the Microsoft Oauth part.

Copy-paste the Application (Client) ID from the Overview page and the secret (value) from the Clients secrets page and click "Save".

You are now all set to start connecting Microsoft accounts to Unipile.

Becoming a Verified Publisher

Create An Account

  • Become a Verified Member of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN):
  • In the first step, choose the "Partner" option, and on the next page, select "Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program."
    If you can't select "Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program," it is because you need a work account. If your company does not have a Microsoft subscription, you need to create one by following the steps in the "To create a new tenant" section of this Microsoft tutorial:
    You will need a bank card, but you can choose the option not to be invoiced (only for usage you will not use). Complete the process by creating a user on your new tenant, e.g., [email protected], and restart the partner process with this account.
  • Complete all your company information.

Verify Your Domain

Create a file named "microsoft-identity-association.json" and host it to your website : https:// YOUR DOMAIN .com/.well-known/microsoft-identity-association.json

   "associatedApplications": [
         "applicationId": "replace me with your app id (client)"

Click Verify and save domain.

Add your Partner Global Account (PGA) ID to your Azure App

When all is completed a blue checkmark appears next to your publisher display name in the Publisher Verification section.

You can find more details on this page of Microsoft documentation