Node.js SDK

A Node.js wrapper for API to manage messaging, mail and calendars.

Feature available for : LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram


Unipile Node.js SDK is a package written in Typescript that will facilitate the use of API.

Github repository.


Node 18 recommended.


  npm install unipile-node-sdk


import { UnipileClient } from 'unipile-node-sdk';

const client = new UnipileClient('https://{YOUR_DSN}', '{YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN}');

await client.account.connectLinkedin({
  username: 'your LinkedIn username',
  password: 'your LinkedIn password',

await client.account.connectInstagram({
  username: 'your Instagram username',
  password: 'your Instagram password',

const { qrCodeString: whatsappQrCode } = await client.account.connectWhatsapp();
console.log(whatsappQrCode); // scan the QR code to finish the connection

const { qrCodeString: telegramQrCode } = await client.account.connectTelegram();
console.log(telegramQrCode); // scan the QR code to finish the connection

await client.account.connectMessenger({
  username: 'your Messenger username',
  password: 'your Messenger password',

const chats = await client.messaging.getAllChats();
const messages = await client.messaging.getAllMessages();
const attendees = await client.messaging.getAllAttendees();