Detecting Accepted Invitations

Learn how to identify when a user accepts your LinkedIn invitation, enabling you to initiate subsequent actions.

You can monitor acceptance through 2 methods:

Real-Time Method: Applicable for Invitations who includes messages only

If your invitation includes a message, accepting the invitation generates a new chat containing only your invitation message. Leverage the 'new message' webhook to detect this event. It's beneficial to maintain a record of your sent invitations for effective comparison of chat recipient. Alternatively you can test that you are the message sender and that it is the initial message in the chat to infer an accepted invitation.

Periodic Check Method: For Invitations Without Text or Alternative Approach

We provides a list of sent invitations. By periodically reviewing this list, you can detect which invitations are no longer pending, implying acceptance or rejection.
Alternatively, we offers a list of your connections, sorted by the most recently added. Regularly comparing this list against your sent invitations can help identify new connections, suggesting that your invitation was accepted.
It's crucial to maintain a record of your sent invitations for effective comparison.
To avoid overwhelming LinkedIn's servers, it's recommended to space out these checks only few times by day.

By integrating these strategies, you can effectively detect when your LinkedIn invitations are accepted, paving the way for prompt and appropriate follow-up actions.